Attorney:s guidelines and principles as independent consultants, is based upon the present legislation, our commitment as well as our loyalty to the clients.

§1 We shall not pursue any illegal undertaking and we shall not take into consideration any personal gain or inconvenience.

§2 We always strive to obtain the most cost-effective solution, and we shall fulfill our task with integrity and accuracy, aiming to keep our clients fully informed.

§3 We observe strict confidentiality regarding anything revealed to us or information brought to our attention.

§4 We try to avoid any conflict of interests, and if we suspect that any such conflict can occur, we shall inform the client in order to solve the issue.

§5 We dont have to accept an assignment, nor explain why we say no.

§6 We have the right to terminate any assignment if and according to us, unusual, unreasonable, or unlawful acts are asked of us.

§7 We may also terminate any assignment if incorrect, misleading, or meaningless instructions are given us, or if a client behaves irresponsibly, or refuses our advice. Furthermore we may end any assignment if we conclude that a client has lost confidence in our advice or fails to fulfill his financial obligations towards Attorney.

§8 We will not accept payment not in line with the current rules and regulations stated by the authorities.

§9 We shall not use methods against opponents that obviously contradict current law.

§10 Provided that opponents are represented by counsel, negotiations shall be conducted with said counsel and not with opponents themselves unless current law requires direct contact, or if for any reason such action is necessary, in which case opposing counsel shall be notified.

§11 We maintain absolute third-party secrecy concerning counter-offers or proposals.

§12 We are obliged to observe all laws and regulations that may affect any current assignment and our work.

§13 We may not submit to the court any statement or information we know to be untrue nor contest any statement or information that we know to be true. We are although not required to present or cite any evidence or information harmful to our clients, if there is no legal demand to do so.

§14 We primarily debit hourly fees for our work on a monthly basis that are to be paid within ten days of receipt of invoice. In order to begin an assignment, occasionally we request a retainer that shall be deducted from future invoices.

§15 An final invoice will be sent after the completion or termination of an assignment.

§16 After completion or termination of an assignment, all documents belonging to the client shall be released to the client without delay.

§17 For 5 years we retain in our archives the most essential documents gathered during any assignment.