Administrative law is how the authorities exercise their powers towards you as an individual and against your company. I.e. issues regarding Building permits, Taxes, Immigration permits, etc.. Call +
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Central concepts within Administrative law are the Authorities and their mandate. Disputes in administrative matters are not dealt with by civil courts, but in special administrative courts.

Disputes in Administrative law are usually based on written procedures while the civil courts apply an oral procedure and the types of cases usually dealt with by administrative courts are:
Taxes – If you want to appeal a decision on, i.e. income or property taxation, VAT decision or other decision taken by the Swedish Tax Agency.

The Social Services Act – the Administrative court may for example, make decisions about financial assistance or other decisions taken by the social council of a municipality.

Social Insurance Objectives – Administrative court deals with disputes with the Social Insurance field in matters relating to injury compensation, parental allowance or, for example, support for the disabled.
Psychiatrists – The Administrative court deals with issues related to psychiatric care and legal psychiatric care.
Foreign and citizenship goals and Immigration – To appeal to the Migration Board’s decision on expulsion or rejection, refusal of an application for Swedish citizenship.

The Administrative Court also handles other matters such as issues of special consideration, health and medical matters etc. so whatever your problem is with the authority, we at Attorney will help you.

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