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Commercial law is basically exclusively about legal cases and agreements for companies – limited companies, trading companies, and individual companies.

When we at Attorney works with Business Law, our mission is to help both the owners and their companies.

Support may be required for writing and reviewing various types of agreements such as Employment Contract, Lease Agreement and various Delivery and Client Agreements, furthermore, we write, handle and check Shareholder Agreements, Dismissals, and Negotiations with the Unions, etc.

During the time when you run your company – from the idea and start-up to employment of staff, capitalization, internationalization, sales or if less success; settlement, bankruptcy application etc. you always need a business lawyer’s knowledge.

In the business world and for companies and business owners there are many pitfalls to avoid and sometimes to exploit. We at Attorney always look to pay attention to the commercial consequences of your legal decisions, whether it’s for your business or for you as an entrepreneur.

With our combined legal and business insight and experience, Attorney helps its business clients to maximize their commercial opportunities as business and as the business climate evolves and changes. In many cases, Attorney’s wide network of contacts also becomes an additional asset for our clients.

We always follow Attorney’s motto “When Trust Matters” and we can even find other partners to your company if you as a client want it.
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